It’s the same old song you gotta be somewhere at sometime and they never let you fly
It’s like broken glass you get cut before you see it so open up your eyes

Stand Up And Shout

You’re just a picture you’re an image caught in time
We’re a lie you and I we’re words without a rhyme

Rainbow In The Dark

Two eyes from the east it’s the angel or the beast and the answer lies between the good and bad
We search for the truth we could die upon the tooth but the thrill of just the chase is worth the pain

The Last In Line

The princess saw the dark child and the dark child said her name come steal away we’ll play the game
Do you watch do you see do you know the people in me I’m the bite I’m the bark I’m the scream
I’m the poor I’m the sure I’m the holy I’m the pure I can tell you tales you just might not believe

One Night In The City

She was meant to be wild he was nearly a child but they only could feel each other
They were paper and fire angel and liar the devil of one another

Rock’n’Roll Children

You’re a dancer but you’re dancing on air just a matter of time till you fall
You’re a dreamer one night at the fair but still you want it all
You’re in danger the last of a line but the vision lasts forever

Hungry For Heaven

Don’t go to the edge of rainbows don’t close your eyes
Like things that can’t be real the truth is really lies

Dream Evil

Remember when you only needed no one
Every day’s tomorrow
And it’s all right
No confessions – not for you
Forget the things you’ve done
It’s what you’ll do

Along Comes A Spider

Running with monsters in shadows
And monsters always know
It’s better in the dark

Better In The Dark

There’s a cross that you can’t carry
Cause it’s heavier than hell
And if you should meet your maker
Just pray that he won’t yell
One more for the road

One More For The Road

They say you never hear the bullet that kills
And I don’t hear a sound

The End Of The World

Oh no, here it comes again
Can’t remember when we came so close to love before
Hold on, good things never last
Nothing’s in the past, it always seems to come again

Neon Knights

The closer you get to the meaning
the sooner you’ll know that you’re dreaming

Heaven And Hell

I’m here for you
Said the spider to the fly
And when I’m through
You can open up your eyes to see
Your world’s on fire
And the liar won’t let go
Atom and evil

Atom & Evil

Let me go
I’ve seen religion
But the light has left me blind
Take me back
I must have the Bible Black

Bible Black

Like a spiral on the wind
I can hear it screamin’ in my mind

Long live rock and roll
Long live rock ‘n’ roll
Long live rock and roll
Let it live

Long Live Rock’n’Roll

2 comentarios to “DIO CANTABA VERDADES”

  1. Shadowchaser82 Says:

    Que puedo decir… Muchas de las frases que tengo clavadas en el cerebro son de canciones de Dio…



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